Plan Sponsors

The employee benefits marketplace, especially in healthcare, is complicated and ever-changing. Advanced Professionals Insurance & Benefit Solutions strives to bring clarity at every level by helping plan sponsors decode important information, communicating insights back to carriers, and helping producers call out specific benefits to the companies they serve.

We help plan sponsors design compelling benefits plans for small and medium-sized businesses, negotiate terms and features with carriers on their behalf, then use those products to help them reach new members and build significant non-dues revenues.

By continually acting as translators to the various parties, we help bring understanding and assurance, along with:

Growth Engine

Access to a broad product distribution channel that boosts brand visibility and drives membership growth with instant access to thousands of RFPs annually

Streamlined Operations

Creating a simplified trust infrastructure, from one-stop electronic proposal submission to plan resources to new business and referral processing

Leverage & Advocacy

A direct connection to insurance carriers that provides an inside track for negotiation and problem-solving

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